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Farmers to Families Food Boxes Available

These boxes are free and will be distributed to anyone who needs food.⁠

Contents (this is the standard, sometimes it varies a little based on availability).⁠
1 lb butter⁠
1 lb sour cream⁠
1 lb cottage cheese⁠
2 lbs cheese⁠
1 gal milk⁠
5 lbs potatoes⁠
3 lbs apples⁠
2 onions⁠
3 lbs oranges or stone fruit⁠
4.5 lbs fully cooked meat⁠
2 lbs liquid eggs⁠

We will be handing these out at our Wednesday school meal pick up locations on October 28⁠

MMU & BRMS 11am until 1pm⁠
CHMS, RES, SMS 12:45pm until 2:30pm⁠
JES 11:30am to 1:30PM⁠
BPMS 3pm to 5pm⁠

These are first come first serve and available until we run out.⁠

Questions: Contact Dave Horner,